Sunbaking gets hot and horney

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Sunbaking gets hot and horney

After finishing Uni early one day, i decide to head home for a nice realxing sunbake by our pool, as the weather is scorching!!
When i arrive home i find that i have the house to myself and decided to sunbake in the nude. I set up my lounge chair, grab myself a glass of icy water, put my headphones in my ears and lay back to relax. Before long, i feel myself starting to fall asleep...

Next thing i know, i feel moist bewteen my legs as what feels like a tounge runs up my legs. I cry out in shock and begin to sit up, but feel a hand come over my eyes and someone whispers in my ear, "just relax baby, i wanted to /surprise/">surprise you" I know that it is the voice of my boyfriend, so i lay back down and relax
The moisture between my legs begins to rise as the /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet tounge reaches my pussy. Gently i feel my legs pushed apart, it is then that i realise that my boy is not alone as his hands are still over my eyes!! All this does is turn me on more, i can practically feel the pussy juice running out of me as i gasp as whoever is between my legs goes to work on my pussy.
I feel my lips pushed apart as they push their tounge deeper into my pussy, then move up to my clip. Suddenly they stop, but return seconds later. It becomes obvious to me that they have just had a drink of ice cold water as they resume licking and sucking my /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy with ice cold lips. The combination is fantastic and brings me to the edge as i cry out in orgasm.
Now im really wet and really horney, i beg for Ryan, my boyfriend, to uncover my eyes, which he does ever so slowly.

Before me i see standing my /friend/best-friend/">best friend Tara, who is by far one of THE sexiest chick that i have ever indian santali xvideo seen! She is /blonde/">blonde, with awesome tits, shaved pussy and the best tanned body you will ever soon. I almost cum again just seeing her standing infront of me.
I demand that i mus return the favour to her so that Ryan can watch.
I get up and Tara lays down. The seconds she hits the lounge chair my head is between her legs, licking and sucking her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy juice. I have also fantasied about eating pussy, especially taras, so this was a dream come true that i was determined to make the most of! As i licked and sucked her clit i drove my fingers into her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy, making her writher with pleasure. I could feel her getting tighter around my fingers as she came all over them. I continued to lick her clean and then licked my fingers too.

Tara and i looked at each other with very satisfied smiles
"Ive wanted to do that to you for a long time" Tara said, "Ive always thought you had an amazing body"
I said "Same for me, ive always wanted to know if you shaved your pussy!"
Then i remembered Ryan, standing watching us, with his cock in his hand.

I crawled over to him and took his cock in my mouth, ive always loved Ryans cock, its thick and hard and fucks me in the best way possible. Tara noticed that i was sucking ryans cock, and came over to join me, together we licked his cock and took turns deep throating him. You could seee the look of pure pleasure on his face as he looked down as us. While i was sucking off Ryan, Tara crawled between my legs and started to eat my pussy again, the sight of this while i was sucking him must have had an effect on him cause he grabbed the back of my head and started face fucking me! I could feel his cock in the back of my throat and Taras expert toungue and fingers working my soaking /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt and came so hard that i fell in a heap at Ryans /feet/">feet. He looked down at me, knowing that even that wasnt enough for me!

He helped me up and told me to kneel down infront of him. As i did, i told tara that i had always wanted to be sucked and fucked at the same time. So she crawled under me again and licked my clit while Ryan fucked me hard.
I had always imagined that it would feel awesome, but it still managed to exceed expectations!!
I was screaming out for more as Ryan fucked me harder and faster than ever before. I had never been so wet in my life! Tara had pussy juices all over her neck and tits as she played with my clit like an expert. I feel Ryan get harder as he exploded in my pussy, shooting his cum inside me. There was so much it was running out of my pussy and all over tara, who was loving it and licking up every last bit!
Feeling a bit tired, i told ryan i wanted to watch him fuck tara. The poor girl hadnt had a boyfriend in a while and needed a good fucking! I grabbed ryans cock and sucked his and my juices off it as it grew harder and harder again. He then moved over to tara and began to fuck her.

I have never seen someone enjoy being fucked so much, she went /crazy/">crazy, screaming out to fuck her harder and harder.
"Fuck me ryan, fuck me, oh god yes, you are alain lyle porn soooo big, of fuck im coming, oh yes, fuck YES!"
Feeling way too turned on to just sit and watch, i went over and started to lick her clit as she lay writhering on the group. This meant that my pussy was over her face, so she grabbed my hips and started to vigourouly eat my pussy for the third time!!

So now tara was getting fucked and sucked, while i got a sucking of my own. I could tell that ryan was about to come, and tara had already come twice. I too felt myself coming and next ting i knew we were all screaming out as ryan shot is load into taras tight little cunt, i came in taras mouth and she came in mine.
There was cum and pussy juice everywhere, as we continue to lick each other dry.
All feeling a but tired, i suggested that we all go and have a shower and see how steamy we could get.!!