My First Gloryhole Experience

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
My First Gloryhole Experience

I was 18 years old, and I was extremely nervous all day because I knew I was going to force myself to try it’a /gloryhole/">gloryhole.

There was a place a few miles out of town called the XXX store that was opened 24/7. Me and my friends had gone in there a few times, and one time when I went to use the bathroom I saw a strange hall with many doors on either side. All had lights above them, some were lit and others weren’t. It wasn’t until later that I heard what a gloryhole was and how it was wwwxxx used in Adult Arcades. I put two and two together and realized that what I had seen was pretty much a gloryhole hall.

Immediately the idea seduced me. The idea of having a complete stranger put his penis through a hole with the purpose of it being in my mouth somehow just’’turned me on. I knew eventually I would try one, and that day had come.
I waited for it to get dark so no one would recognize my car, and so I drove out of the driveway, nervous as hell, and headed for the XXX store. Along the way I must’ve smoked seven cigarettes, but it still didn’t calm the nerves.
I got to the place, took a deep breath, and walked in. As usual I showed the lady at the desk, a real nice older lady, my ID. There was another guy standing at the desk with her. I asked her, ’How much is the’arcade?’
’Well how much you got?’ she said laughing.
I paused, then they both laughed.
’I’m just fuckin with ya,’ she said. ’Honey don’t you know you’re never supposed to tell a woman how much money you got!’
I laughed, too. Immediately I was in love with her.
’It’s three bucks.’
I the wwwxxx handed her three. She gave me the coins saying, ’Here ya go sweetie. Have fun.’

’Thanks.’ I took them and headed to the hall. I was so’so’so’nervous. There were a few lights already on, but no one out in the hall.
I turned to the left and took the first booth and locked the door. I put some coins in the slot, making the TV turn on. I figured someone would see my light was on and come in next to me, since I was too nervous to go next a booth with a light already on.
For about a minute it was just me in the booth, flipping through channels of porn. I unzipped, whipped out my still limp dick and started stroking it.

Then’the door of the booth next to me opened and shut. This was it’the moment of truth. I heard coins drop into the slot and few more other sounds I’ll never make out, then it happened.
Let me tell you at the time I had no clue what any gloryhole sign language meant. I just automatically assumed that I’d be the first to suck some dick. So when the dude next to me put his finger in the hole and slowly slid it out, I figured that meant ’you down for this?’. So I put a finger back through the hole and did the same thing.

A moment later his finger came back. Confused, I put my finger back in the hole. Then he put his back in the hole. I was really confused by this point. But I just kept doing it back to him cause I didn’t know what else to do.
Finally, instead of a finger. I saw it. A semi-/hard/hard-dick/">hard dick slowly emerged through that gloryhole, an image I’ll never get out of my head. I got on my knees. This was the first dick I was ever going to suck in my life.
I put my lips slowly around the head, then sucked it into my mouth. This stranger’s cock was inside my mouth, and I was sliding back and forth on it like a porn star. He let me go a little more then took his dick away and put his finger back through the hole.
I knew what it meant now. It meant, ’Gimme your cock.’ Well I stood up and put my hard rod through that gloryhole, and immediately I felt a warm mouth on my cock. This was the /first-time/">first time a man had ever sucked me. He went back and forth, making my dick throbbing hard and wet. He was no amateur as I was. He started jerking it, using his own slobber as lube.

He was so good on my cock, and I was so excited by the new experience that I started cumming, spraying my load. I felt his mouth jump on my cock and swallow every drop of my jizz. He continued to gently suck my cock until I was soft again, then I pulled back out and zipped up. I waited’not knowing what to do.
I head him zip up, then the door opened and shut. I still waited. I had stunned myself with this first experience.
Finally, I opened that booth door and went back into the hall. It was empty, with a few booth lights on. I walked back out to the front where the woman waved goodbye.
’Have a goodnight sweetie,’ she said.
’You too,’ I said back with a smile.

I walked out the door. As I was walking to my car there was a man sitting in his suburban right outside the building. Was he the one that had sucked me off? I’ll never know. I’ll never know who the other man was - who’s dick I first sucked - who first sucked my dick. I got into my car and left to finish the things I was supposed to do that day. I’ve gone a few times since, but I’ll never forget my first.

That my friends is the story of my first gloryhole experience, and you the reader are the first to ever know of this story. I’ve told this to no one else in my personal life. So’hope ya like it. Thanks. Until next time’I’m Ryan Black.