NIKKI Do You Remember

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
NIKKI Do You Remember

It's been 18 years since I last attended college and looking through some old photos brought back so very pleasant memories. College is a time of lots of exploration and of course, sex. But, we've all had the incidents with the we had a crush on and the slut we fucked. But, out of all of them, one stood out as the and all rolled into one. Knowing the reach of the internet, perhaps the retelling of this tale will reach "Nikki" as we nicknamed her. And maybe bring as nostalgic smile to her face too (not to mention ).

I met Nikki at the University of Oklahoma. She would remember that. She would also know she moved 12 hours away, bringing an abrupt end to our exploits, but not to the memories. We'd been dating for a season when she suffered an accident that put her on crutches. We won't go into that...but she would remember. Though she couldn't walk well, thank goodness she could still fuck. One bold night, my little Nikki was lured away by a local band to an after-party...on crutches....while I escorted her friend home. It took me an hour to locate her and when I busted into that smoky room, I put the fear of God (and narcs) into them, before carrying her down a flight of darkened stairs, as she balanced us with her crutches. I hope she remembers that. Nikki was a smart girl.

She started thanking me almost immediately, and at one red light, forcefully removed my cock and sucked voraciously to my sudden and sticky eruption. I didn't expect her enthusiasm and couldn't hold back as she pumped with her fist and sucked my large pole down her throat, catching me by . Even after my climax she continued to suck as I maneuvered through the late night streets of a college town, avoiding policemen lest they discover another kind of moving violation. A secondary spurt of spunk appeared to placate her until we arrived home safely. Taking her to bed and seeing as she was both drunk and unduly under the influence of pain-pills, I was surprised to witness her second-wind, so to speak, and knew if was not a good idea to leave her alone, so fucked up and so goddamned horny. In fact, Nikki was never too tired or busy for sex, but this evening she was something of a sex driven-succubus that could not be satisfied. But after that tremendous blowjob (I've never had better), I was expecting to spend the rest of the night with a limp noodle. But, Nikki wasn't having that.

Nikki, if you're out there, do you remember how you asked me to use each and every one of your assorted vibrators and dildos on you? That's still the largest collection I've ever seen one woman have and I still recall the you ever showed them to me. You were working at your computer desk and asked me to come around to 'get my opinion' on something. Cyber porn was crude in those days, but the floppy you were viewing had a picture of a lovely woman being spanked while a man with a fucked her from behind. My eyes were drawn to the pictures on the screen before I noticed you were pleasuring yourself with a small vibrator, legs gapping. The look on your face at my 'discovery' was priceless. Taking you over that computer disk lasted only 30 seconds, but what a thrill for us both as it was the first time we fucked with that kind of abandon. But when you suggested that you wear it in your panties, on low, while we visited my parents for half an hour, I thought you were too risky...but we did it. You were so horny once we left, we just drove around the block to a vacant parking lot and I took out the vibrator and took you the rest of the way there. 

We'd come a long way since then, and this night, drunk and horny, you wished to exploit as many tools in your twat as time would allow. You had to actually beg me to persuade me to put the littlest one in your ass while I drove you juicy with the large jelly one. And when that wasn't enough (you had quite a stretchy pussy, and made that not matter....remember?) you asked for objects xnxxv sunny leone video from your dressing table? What was the word you kept whispering? BIGGER. Do you remember how you came, really hard, and peed a little...a sudden, uncontrollable spurt of passion? Even after that excellent blow-job, I found myself hard again. Even though you couldn't walk without crutches, you could still get around well in bed. You pushed me back on the bed, roughly in fact, and slid down my cock like a madwoman. You rode me painfully hard, smashing my balls with each bouncing of your ass. You came again and your pussy gripped my cock so tightly I almost blacked-out from cumming so hard.

But, still you didn't want to sleep. We watched porns for an hour, while you fantasized about double-penetration and being strap-on fucked by an older woman. I spanked you (well, not very well as I recall), while you sucked my cock; I fingered you and got so hard my cock ached; and I rode you this time (pulled your legs as far apart as possible without causing you discomfort), fucking you...pile-driving you as per your request: hard. I must have ridden you for half an hour before I came. But, I could feel your every orgasm, the tightening of your always-. 

Thinking it was time to sleep, we cuddled naked and began to sleep. I awoke with you grinding your ass onto my cock, sliding it between your lily-white cheeks; and by the time I was fully awake, you had inserted my firming cock into your ass and told me quietly, "Push it. Push it all the way." This was my first time at anal-sex and I just couldn't believe you were enjoying it, and I pushed gently. Then I heard you moan like I'd never heard before, and at that moment, my cock slid effortlessly into your deepest recesses as your muscle relaxed. You began bucking and told me to hold your hips, which I mindlessly did. I thought you were faking at first, but when you started rubbing your cunt hard as you shoved your ass-cheeks against my cock, it convinced me your pleasure was real. And Oh, when you came....good thing everyone was asleep in the adjacent apartment. I was unable to resist, and spilled into your anal regions as you felt the reduced friction and sighed, "Oh, yeah....oh, yeah....feels so fucking good doesn't it?" Between your groaning and my moaning, there would have been no doubt for three blocks what was going on in that apartment. We fell asleep, my cock still inside you.

The next morning, real forced anal against her will stone sober, you met me as I left the shower, sitting on the toilet pissing. You had beautiful lips and nose and your profile made my over-worked cock rise to the occasional. I still remember your smile as you turned to me, and opened your mouth invitingly. It slid in so easily and I took you by the hair with both hands as you'd asked me many times before. I could never be rough with you and you knew it....but the previous night and your insistence pulled me into the script. I made you suck as long as I could hold out, and at my announcement, you pulled your head away, as I doused your cheeks and neck in my fluids. Then I gently rubbed it into your skin, caressing your face and hair lovingly as you licked the remnant from my rod. 

After your shower, you pulled the chains from beneath your bed. Yes, chains. I'd never known they were there, and you thought it was high-time I found out about the kinky part of you. I chained you up in the bed for practice and teased you with your vibrators. I cuffed you (you were a well equipped 19 year old girl) to the bookcase and tied your legs spread-eagle with cotton ropes (my first time for that) in the living room and made you watch the dirtiest S&M video in your collection while I went out for breakfast leaving you unable to masturbate. You said be cruel. When I came back, the first thing I saw from the door was you tied spread-eagle, your cunt prominently exhibited....and soaking wet. The dark hair between your legs (untrimmed and beautiful) was illustrated by two ruby-red cunt-lips and your clit, looming so large it looked as thought it might pop. A large wet spot pooled between your thighs. The couch, well we gave that couch away when you moved. You were so horny, I dropped the breakfast on the table and "fucked the shit" out of you (as you loved to refer to it) while you were still tied up. I undid your feet, cuffed your hands behind you and took you with your legs over my shoulders. You really liked that. Remember how my cock sounded pumping and out of you, Nikki 

I still think the most delicious bit of naughtiness was when you decided to fuck with the lesbian couple next door. We'd spent many evenings watching the exhibitionist couple have their fun on the patio. We never complained. In fact, you even entertained the possibility of joining them. But when you insisted on opening the curtains...just so....and flashing them with a periodic view of you in a tee-shirt only, naked from the waist down, you knew you'd have an audience to watch that of yours. And you did. You played the 'unaware slut' role well , and by the time there were only the curtains offering fleeting glimpses of your hot body being used, framing you on your back on the kitchen table serving up a good portion of sushi for me, followed by a big cup of clam chowder for you (you were magnificent decorating your tits with my cum like frosting on a cake). I never knew I had an exhibitionist bent, but that was so fucking hot. 

We got stoned and fucked all day long as you should recall. That evening, just before slipping into a dreamless sleep, I remember us staring into each other's eyes as you slowly rode my cock in the recliner, and we watching it disappear into that dense, wet jungle and slowly reappear. We watched it for who knows how long before either one of us decided to cum.

We had many good times after that, but not quite as intense as those 24 hours. A year later you were coming back to town regularly and we had a last week together that late summer. Remember we heard the unexplained sounds in the house, ghostly sounds and you said, "It's a ghost of us from the future, remembering this time." It must have been because I think about that time often and sadly, it was the last time we ever had completely to ourselves. And somehow we both knew it. The very last time I saw you was 5 years later, I was passing through town. You were older and still sexy, heavier...but still sexy. Calmer....and still sexy. I wanted to take you so , but there was the problem of your husband and . The last time you came back, we couldn't meet because of my wife, and I'm sorry. It's been ten years since we last spoke. 

You referred to yourself as ' and happy' the last time and I hope you still are. If we meet again, I think I've learned how to spank that ample ass the way you like it. If you recall all this Nikki.....let's have one last ride...