Bowling for broke

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Bowling for broke

Katie had just met him but he was a friend of Jim's, and any friend of Jim's...It was becoming a late night, bowling with friends had predictably become drinking with friends, and katie could feel that familiar electricity to Jim's friend Keith. He was tall, normal, quiet with an expressive smile, a man of few words but clearly a man. Katie contrastly was a very big personality. Short, petite, big breasted, tan with dark hair, she loved the /gym/">gym and had a youthful, contagious energy. She was talkative, loud and beautiful. And Keith was clearly smitten. She liked to wear clothing that left just enough to the imagination to make every man in the room wonder what she looked like naked. 

Tonight skin tight jeans that framed her small bubbly butt were accentuated with a skin tight, low cut white top, that left her 36C size cleavage to seemingly spill over the top. For a small girl of 5'3" and less than 110 lbs her bust appeared very big. Big enough nearly to detract from her beautiful constantly smiling dark featured face. She was the type who was popular in high school and had remained popular in college, now graduated, successful and single, she was always on the prowl for a good man. But no one of their group of friends really knew Katie like Jim. Jim had dated Katie for precisely one week before she dumped him, flatly for the reason that as she put it "we don't have any chemistry." Jim knew this to mean that the sex wasn't any good, although from his vantage it had been fantastic. Katie was in the bedroom very much like she was outside of it: outgoing, talkative, and a very good time. Jim had clearly not been satisfactory he couldn't match her energy and she had evidently been dissapointed with him. But Jim had muscled through and maintained a friendship because Katie made it almost impossible not to like her. 

After their third game and their third pitcher, Jim announced to Katie and Keith, who considering their obvious flirtatious behavior clearly wanted to continue without him, that if he didn't want to drag ass tomorrow then he was done for the night. Katie feigned dissapointment and Jim gave Katie a knowing stare while shaking his buddy's hand goodnight. Jim knew what Katie was about to do and he only hoped that his friend would survive, but he would eventually find that he had underestimated his quiet friend. As Katie bent down to change her shoes, her cleavage spilled over the top, "What are you staring at?" Keith, surprisingly did not stop staring but merely looked up into her eyes confidently, "Would you rather I do something other than stare?" Katie was surprised at this boldness from the seemingly shy fellow. "’Keith! You little devil. Not so shy anymore are you?’ 

’I’ve never been shy. And I’m no ’little’ devil either. Jim’s told me a lot about you.’ he remarked suggestively. 
’Oh he has, has he? And what exactly has he said’ she said raising an eyebrow and leaning forward pushing her firm breasts into view. Her devilish smile told a whole story. It spoke sexuality like a beast hiding ready to pounce beneath the trap set by her beauty. 
’He’s said that you’re a hellcat. That you’re totally insane...but I read between the lines easily enough. He wasn’t enough man for you, he couldn’t handle all of that,’ he waved vaguely towards her. 
’And what makes you think you are man enough?’ She questioned with all the weight of a loaded question. 
’Well, I’ve got a /dick/big-dick/">big dick and I know how to use it,’ Keith shrugged nonchalantly. For a brief moment even Katie seemed taken aback. 
’Oh really? And you suspect I’m just going to take your word for it.’ 

’No.’ Keith smiled back confidently walked towards her and grabbed her hand. The bowling alley was scattered with a few groups of people but most were on their way out. Katie was nervous but was so turned on by Keith’s confidence and his proclamation. She followed him into the men’s bathroom which by the grace of god was empty. Keith walked into the oversize handicap stall and quickly turned to face Katy who was waiting expectantly, without any introduction he simply unhooked his belt and pushed his pants and boxers to the floor his semi /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick /hung/">hung /fat/">fat and proud a good seven inches long; its potential was instantly appealing to Katie who without hesitation dropped to her knees and grabbed it jerking it eagerly into her face. Katie was no fool. She knew she was definitely the hottest chick that Keith had ever bagged. 

She knew that she could get nearly anybody but right now she was just fucking. She was so turned on by Keith's confidence by their public and compromising location, and by his /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick that her panties were already soaked. Keith couldn't believe the sight, Katie was clearly very aroused and her /tits/big-tits/">big tits were spilling over her top as she jerked his ever growing cock to its fully erect nine inches. "mmmmm you weren't lying. you've got a nice big dick. I like it when it's really big like this. It gets my pussy so fucking wet." she said seductively looking up into his face before pursing her fat lips and kissing his head. Licking up his length and then engulfing almost half of his dick, which stretched her mouth obscenely with its width. Katie gave sloppy blow jobs and truly loved the act of sucking dick and to her Keith's cock was going to be her magnum opus. 

She spit engergetically on his dick jerked it with both hands quickly and then slammed it into the back of her throat, gagging as she tried to force more of his beast down her throat her tits were becoming spit covered and saliva dripped onto the floor in front of her. Katie, cock in mouth, manuvered her top and bra down and allowed her bare breasts to spill over the top, unaffected by gravity despite their obvious weight. Keith was enacting all of his ponographic fantasies on Katie who was no more the victim of them than he was, his fantasies were indeed very much shared by her. Keith fed her his long dick and pulled her head onto it forcing it down her throat feeling her struggle to accomodate him. Then she'd relinquish her efforts smiling and breathing heavily for air her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts covered in saliva from her efforts. "God damn this is /dick/good-dick/">good dick" she said laughing and smiling up at Keith still jerking his now iron hard dick with both her hands, "mmmm this is definitely a two hand job." She said jokingly, Keith loved how immediately infatuated she had become with his member. "Is that the biggest one you've ever had baby?" Katie knew that it turned him on to have his ego stroked along with his dick, "mmm fuck yeah it is, look how fucking big and fat it is. How am I going to fit this in my pussy." she said gripping it at the base and showing it to him. Keith laughed. In truth it was the biggest she'd had but it wasn't scary big.

 She slapped it on her big tits and asked, "are these the biggest you've ever had?" moking him. "Biggest and the best. You're so fucking hot sucking my dick like a naughty big titted little /bitch/">bitch." Katie was happy that this dirty conversation was not going to be one-sided. Her pussy was dripping and Keith's dick was throbbing. Katie was so wet and eager that she didn't even want /foreplay/">foreplay, she stood up in front of Keith who vulgarly sat on the toilet stroking his dick watching her she took her top off her flat stomach looked amazing and her toned body defied the esistence of her large perfect breasts she smiled knowing how hot she was knowing how good she was about to make Keith feel. She wiggled seductively out of her pants and then stepped slyly out of her thong, her pussy was clearly shaved and she clearly tanned all over, her body was built for sex. Keith's dick looked even bigger to Katie in bokep sma pecah perawan this position sticking straight up clearly over his belly button and looking the width of her wrist. Her pussy was literally leaking in anticipation and she suddenly realized they hadn't even kissed yet. She turned around bending over at the waist knowing that her ass was of her many amazing assets among the top two. 

Keith couldn't stand the site he went animal jumping up and grabbing her around the waist grabbing her breast, pressing his dick between her butt cheeks and kissing biting and sucking the nap of her neck. She spun around quickly and pushed him back onto the toilet and straddled him holding his dick at the base and guiding it towards her entrance as she prepared herself for the sudden thrill, watching the erotic site with intense anticipation. It nudged at her entrance and Keith grabbed her waist and quickly thrust into her pushing her down onto his huge dick. "Fuck. Oh my god." She muttered feeling his thickness stretch her. 

He pushed upwards again filling her completely with all of his cock. "FUCK! OH MY GOD SHIT! BIG DICK OH MY GOD!" They hit their rhythm straight away going for broke feeling each other fully, velvety wet flesh stroking against hard strong meat building each others' orgasms perfectly. "You like that dick, Katie? You like riding my big dick?" "Oh fuck yes! suck my fucking tits! I love that big dick!" They both came explosively convulsing into one another sweat pouring off one another pantin as she huvered over him his still solid cock still wedged inside her prolonging her pleasure. "MMM you weren't lying on both accounts. You know how to use it too."