Carolyns Lingerie Store Sexcapade

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Carolyns Lingerie Store Sexcapade

My husband Mark is /crazy/">crazy about my tits, and though I don?t mean to boast, most guys seem to really love them, especially my big, dark nipples. Mark is always trying to pull my top down when we?re out and about, and he loves it when I flash my tits in public places. And I don?t mind his obsession with displaying my tits, since I?m not shy about my body and I?m proud of my tits.

Anyway, we?re always on the lookout for revealing tops and /lingerie/sexy-lingerie/">sexy lingerie which show off my tits. One day Mark came home from running some errands and excitedly told me about a new /exotic/">exotic lingerie store that he had come across in Mississauga.

He said, ?I saw the sign as I was passing by, so I quickly turned around went back to have a look. You should have seen the place honey. It had tons of very sexy clothing, lingerie, /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys and novelties?.

Today there are naughty lingerie shops all over the place, but back then, this was a real rarity. Mark said that we should check it out to see if they might have some hot outfits for me. I suggested we go there the next day, but Mark is not big on delayed gratification. He wanted to go right away, so I said okay.

It was a warm summer day, so I put on a short denim skirt and a light, beige jersey tube top which showed a nice amount of cleavage, and through which my nipples were subtly visible. As soon as we were on the road, Mark reached over and pulled down my top, and he kept fondling my tits with his right hand while driving with his left. Several times on the way to the store, when we were stopped at a light and there was a guy in the car to our right, Mark had me lean my tits out the window and he beeped the horn to get the guy?s attention. They all seemed to enjoy my little show, and I have to admit that it turned me on a bit as well.

We finally got to the store, which was a unit in a quiet industrial mall. I pulled my top back up and we went in. The first thing I noticed was the clerk at the counter, who we later found out was the owner of the store. His name was Jeff, and he was a real hunk. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties, about 6?4?, blonde, very muscular and he looked a bit like Robert Redford. I felt an instant tingle between my legs!

We were the only ones in the store, and Jeff greeted us and asked if he could be of help. I told him that I was looking for a bra with sheer cups. I?d had a sheer bra for many years, and it was my favourite bra. The thing I loved about it was that it provided lift and support for my tits, while still allowing my nipples to show. It was getting very worn out, and my efforts to replace it had been surprisingly difficult. I was thrilled when Jeff said that they did carry sheer bras, and he pointed out the section of the store where I could find them.

My tit size tends to vary between 36B and 36C, so I took 2 skin-toned bras into the dressing room, one in each size. When I tried on the 36B, it was a bit tight, and since my nipples are VERY sensitive, that made it uncomfortable. When I tried on the 36C, it was comfortable, but the cups seemed a bit too loose on my tits, so I opened up the door to the dressing room and asked Mark what he thought. He said that it looked nice, but he also thought it might be a bit loose. I suggested that we ask Jeff for his ?professional? opinion, and Mark got a big grin on his face. He went over to the counter and asked Jeff to come over and help us.

When Jeff came over and saw me standing there in the sheer bra, he also got a big smile on his face, and he asked me how he could be of help. I told him about my sizing problem and that I thought the cups in this bra were a bit too loose.

Jeff said, ?I agree that the fit of that bra isn?t quite right, but I hope your husband doesn?t mind me saying that everything else about you is perfect. Your body is smoking hot!?

?Thank you for the compliment honey?, I replied, ?and I?m sure Mark doesn?t mind. As you can see, he likes to show me off to other men.?

Jeff told us that the same size of bra can actually be slightly different in size when it?s from a different manufacturer, and then he looked through a few different bras, before finally handing me another 36C. He said that bras from this manufacturer tended to be slightly smaller in the cup and asked me to try it on. At first I turned to head into the dressing room, but then I figured, what the heck, he can already see my tits in the sheer bra, so why bother, and anyway, the thought of flashing my tits to this /hunk/hot-hunk/">hot hunk was turning me on. So I asked Mark to hold the new bra while I took off the bra I was wearing and handed it to Jeff.

The huge smile on Mark?s face was matched by the one on Jeff?s face. I took the new bra back from Mark, but before I put it on, I made some small talk with Jeff about his new store and how he came to know so much about bras. Basically I was just stalling to give Jeff more time to enjoy staring at my tits, and I knew he was enjoying the view, because I could see a bulge growing in his pants. I finally put on the new bra, and all 3 of us agreed that it fit perfectly.

I took off the bra and asked Mark to hang onto it while I checked out some of the other merchandise in the store. I turned to Jeff and asked him if he liked my tits.

?Hell yeah, they?re incredible!?, Jeff replied enthusiastically. ?You?re hot enough to be a supermodel!? I asked him if he?d like to feel my tits. He glanced at Mark, who smiled and nodded his approval. In a flash, Jeff was standing behind me, and he had both tits cupped in his hands, fondling and squeezing them. As he played with my tits, I pushed my ass back and rubbed it against his big, hard bulge.

After a couple of minutes, I said, ?Since you think I should be a model Jeff, would you like me to model some of your merchandise for you??

?Absolutely?, he replied excitedly. ?I would absolutely love that!?

Jeff put a sign on the front door that said ?Closed. Back in 90 minutes?, and then he got a couple of chairs from the store?s office, put them in the front of the store and he and Mark sat down.

The first item I selected was a full length, completely sheer red nightgown. I stood in front of Jeff and Mark and slowly removed my skirt, under which I was wearing sheer black panties.
Then I slowly removed my panties and threw them at Jeff. He put them against his nose and took a deep sniff, and then he surprised me by shoving my panties down the front of his pants.

I put on the nightgown, which had a belt tie, walked up to Jeff and did a couple of slow spins. Then I undid the belt, pulled open the gown, leaned forward shook my tits back and forth right in front of his face. When he tried to lick my tit, I teasingly pulled back.

?You?ll get to taste me soon enough honey? I told Jeff.

Next I tried on a black vinyl S & M outfit with lots of metal studs, which consisted of a tight, corset-like top with holes cut out in the bust area for my tits to poke out, and skin tight pants which were open in the crotch and butt.

I saw that Mark and Jeff were both practically drooling and were vigorously rubbing the bulges in their pants.

I laughed and said, ?Hey guys, you?re going to ruin your pants if you keep rubbing them so hard. Please feel free to pull out your cocks.?

They both immediately took off their pants and pulled their very stiff cocks out of their /underwear/">underwear. Jeff?s cock looked to be about average length, but it was wonderfully thick. I stood right in front of Jeff, and as I stared directly at his cock, which he was slowly stroking, I played with my tits with one hand while fingering my pussy with the other. Then I pulled my finger out of my pussy and placed it in front of Jeff?s mouth.

?Most guys say my pussy is very /sweet/">sweet Jeff. Have a taste for yourself and tell me what you think.?

Jeff took my finger into his mouth and licked all my pussy juice off it.

?MMMmmm!!! That is delicious Carolyn!?

?Well if you?ll let me have your chair, you can get a much better taste?.

Jeff quickly got up and I took his place in the chair. I told him to kneel on the floor in front of me, and I asked Mark to get behind me and hold my legs up, giving Jeff easy access to my pussy.

At first, Jeff just sat there, sort of mesmerized. Then Mark yelled at him, ?Get in there and start eating her Jeff! It?s the best thing you?re ever going to taste in your life!?

That seemed to break the spell, and Jeff shoved his mouth into my soaking wet pussy and started passionately licking, tonguing, sucking and nibbling my pussy like a man who hadn?t eaten in a year. I was almost in a haze from having one mind-blowing orgasm after another, and just outside my orgasmic haze I could hear Mark rooting Jeff on.

When I finally couldn?t take any more, I told Jeff to stop, because it was now time for me to take care of him. I took off the outfit, so I was now totally nude. I told Jeff to lay down porn videos download on the floor, and I sucked and licked his cock a bit, just to get it lubed up. Then facing Jeff, I slowly lowered my pussy on his thick, rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. I could feel it gloriously stretching my pussy. Once he was all the way in, I leaned forward on his chest and started riding up and down on his cock. I was afraid that he might cum quickly, given everything we?d been doing, but luckily for me, Jeff had a lot of staying power.

After about 10 minutes of delightful fucking, I told Mark I wanted a DP. I asked Jeff if the store carried any lube, which they did, and he told Mark where it was. Once Mark was ready with the lube, I leaned down onto Jeff and lifted my ass as high as I could without letting Jeff?s cock slip out of my hot, tingling pussy. Mark used his finger to thoroughly lube my ass and then he lubed his cock. He placed his cock head against my ass and slowly pushed it in.

Once he was all the way in, I yelled, ?Okay guys, now I want you to both fuck my brains out!?

As their cocks pounded my holes, I started necking passionately with Jeff. As they fucked me harder and faster, they seemed to unconsciously get into a harmonious rhythm. As Mark?s cock pushed into my ass, Jeff?s would slide out of my pussy, and as Jeff rammed his cock into my /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy, Mark would be pulling back from my ass! Soon it was as if I had been transported to a different dimension. I totally lost track of time and of how many orgasms I was having. Eventually I was brought back to earth by the sound of Mark?s yell, as he blew his load into my ass. And shortly after that, Jeff pumped a massive load of cum into my pussy. When Jeff finally stopped pumping my pussy, he moaned loudly and lay back on the floor, and I rested my head on his chest.

Just then, we heard a banging sound. The three of us all look up at the same time, and we xxx saw 3 guys banging on the store?s display window, and they were giving us thumbs up! As Jeff discovered later, they showed up while we were in the middle of our DP, and they were able to watch the fun from the store?s front display window.

Jeff quickly got up, ran to the washroom where he washed off his cock and got dressed. He then went to the door to let the guys in, while Mark went to get cleaned and dressed. I was still so fucking turned on that I couldn?t be bothered rushing around to find my clothes and get dressed. I just put on the sheer red nightgown that I had modeled earlier, which was still lying on the floor nearby, and leaned back against the counter, with warm, creamy cum still dripping from both holes.

The guys were there to find some naughty games and novelty items for a stag /party/">party they were having for a friend. They were practically drooling as they complimented me on my looks and sexual skills. I thanked them for their compliments and opened my nightgown to give them a better look, but I told them I was too worn out to let them do anything more than just look.

Jeff thanked me for what he said was one of the greatest experiences of his life, and he let me have 2 of the bras I liked for free, and since the red nightgown was now cum-stained, he let me have that as well. Mark grabbed all my clothes, but I was too spent to get changed, so I just gave Jeff a /kissing/big-kiss/">big kiss goodbye and went out to the car wearing the nightgown.

We returned to the store several times for more lingerie, and every visit involved some great sex with Jeff, but nothing will ever compare with that first, orgasm-filled experience.